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created:| 02-20-09 |

<L.B> about us

This Clan was Created in [2-20-09] on Crossfire. This is a contentious Clan From another FPS Game. (Vietcong-1.01). The Name of this Clan is Lucky Brigade.









About Cross Fire

.Cross Fire is a competitive multi-player shooter where players join the battle of counter-terrorism in action packed scenarios. Create

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INFO To Our Clan


 3vs3 tournament only for <L.B>`s 

the first inter-clan tournament


This is a 3vs3 Tournament Register Your Team in the Forums under tournament:


  1. Any ZP items allowed
  2. First Round Canada server
  3. Second Round UK Server
  4. IF TIE: Third round West Coast Server (No Lag Excuses)

150k ZP = 50k ZP per person..

Last thing: I want more people involved, if individuals can't find form a team of 3 sign up here and we will make u a team with other individuals



there will be kicks, do not take it personal, you have not been active and we watch the site everyday looking to see who is; also the kicks could be that you have gone against our rules.


After we have kicked I going to make the member site :) soo we need pictures of all members some we can have on our site:)


Site Clock


ventrilo Hosting by">

let all know about us:D

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